I am thrilled to support Laura because she will bring a unique perspective, fresh ideas and much needed diversity to city council. She has a history of supporting people of all walks of life and will work tirelessly to ensure growth and opportunity for everyone in Lakewood.

-Emily Christescu
Laura is a true advocate for Lakewood and its residents who has the city’s best interests in mind. Her dedication and love for serving the public for the past 16 years make her the most qualified to lead Lakewood and Ward 1 as a member of our council.
— Greg Murray
Laura is a leader...who is deeply committed to public service. She will be a strong voice for all Lakewood residents and is not afraid to challenge the status quo.
— Teresa M. Schleicher
I grew up in Lakewood. I was here when I-90 was being built. Fast forward...we need Laura now. She has the demonstrated knowledge and skills that will carry us forward.
— Stanley D. Austin
Laura will bring fresh and innovative ideas. She is bright and a great listener with no agenda other than to do what is best for the community
— Donna Taylor Kolis
Laura will bring honest, transparent government!
— Michael A. Deneen