A Vision of Local Governance

In his book, Looking Forward, President Franklin Roosevelt wrote, “It is the purpose of government to see that not only the legitimate interests of the few are protected, but that the welfare and rights of the many are conserved.” It is in this stead that my belief in the responsibilities and the opportunities of governance are cemented.

The opportunities inherent in Lakewood are boundless. Yet, we must bring to fore a focus on the connective and collective experiences of the people of this city. Whether you rent or own, run a business, retire, work, visit, or learn here, I believe it is important for city council to support, promote, and establish an active connection with all aspects of the community. City council is the closest connection we have to our government, and your representative should be the fiercest advocate for you and your city.

But what should define that representation? For city council, representation is communication; representation is actively responsive; representation is including varying viewpoints in decisions that affect residents; representation is looking pragmatically and openly at our problems and proposing smart, actionable solutions; representation means bringing people together, and fostering a unity in purpose towards our common goals.

I have been bringing people together in communities for over 17 years, and advocating for common goals like eliminating hunger, increasing equity of access to our community for the elderly and disabled through public transit, ensuring the civil rights of public school students, and working to establish a healthy future for Lakewood through service on the Foundation Planning Task Force.  

When I look at governance and when I look at what’s great about our community, I believe it is important to have a multifaceted approach to local representation. For Ward 1, I believe we need to support and strengthen our local businesses so that they are a thriving part of the fabric of our community; We need to prioritize smart development and ensure that investments in our community are long-term ones; We need to find actionable solutions to increase affordability in housing;  We need to work to ensure that everyone can access and enjoy what makes Lakewood a great place to live, work, and raise a family; and we must encourage the growth of an open, and accessible dialogue between our local government and residents. It is important to continue to foster and expand strong community networks.

Connected communities are safer, healthier, and more resilient. And I believe the future of our Ward and city hinges upon the need to focus on community development (education, housing, jobs, health and safety, and more) and work towards initiatives to strengthen our neighborhoods for residents with residents.  

And this is why I am asking for your support in my run for Lakewood City Council in Ward 1. It takes community to build community, and I ask for your help in doing the hard, but meaningful, work of bringing everyone to the table. Responsive, active, and purpose-driven  governance will ensure a bright future for our ward and our city. Thank you again for your support as we move forward in this campaign toward the goal of uniting, connecting and strengthening every aspect of our community.


Laura Rodriguez-Carbone