Vote for Laura Rodriguez-Carbone for Lakewood City Council's Ward 1

I was proud to cast my vote for Laura Rodriguez-Carbone in Lakewood's September primary, and I'm glad she will be on the November ballot.

Laura has been working hard all year, not just campaigning for herself, but helping others here in Ward 1. From looking out for seniors to finding answers to questions about local government, this is what we can expect from her on City Council.

Laura’s campaign has been very impressive. The quality of her campaign materials is thoughtful and professional. She has listened to residents and responded with real ideas specific to our community -- nothing about Laura is generic.

The volunteer energy that Laura has inspired says a lot. The ability to bring people together and motivate them to work hard on behalf of a vision for a better city is real leadership.

We will have real listening, real service to others and real leadership on our ballots in Ward 1 this November. Laura Rodriguez-Carbone will get my vote for Lakewood City Council.

Teresa Schleicher,


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