Rodriguez-Carbone Receives Endorsement from Ohio State Representative Mike Skindell!


Mike Skindell has been a long-time neighbor, friend, and community advocate in Ward 1, in Lakewood, and in Northeast Ohio. I, like many, know Mike as an advocate for people from all walks of life and he has spent several decades representing and championing our city. I am honored to receive his endorsement for my campaign for Lakewood City Council in Ward 1. Like Mike, I have dedicated my career to public service in Northeast Ohio, not for the benefit of myself, but for others.

I have advocated for, and brought people together from, communities of all across Northeast Ohio over the course of my nearly 18 year career in public service. Like Mike, I understand that in order to affect impactful change in our community, we need to focus on what’s important for our neighborhoods and what is truly important to the daily lives of every resident.

Leadership in public service for Lakewood ought to be responsive and inclusive, as well as accountable. For Mike, as well as for me, focusing on community development is of the utmost importance for Lakewood and our Ward. And actively advocating for residents takes bold leadership and commitment to stand up for everyone, regardless of their politics, income, race, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs.

The safety, security, economic, and public health of our residents depends on the strength of that leadership, and developing well-rounded informed responses to community challenges through actively seeking out, including and incorporating resident input to design programs and policies that make sense for our community.

Understanding the importance of relationship-building across sectors and how to bring diverse viewpoints to the table to find solutions through identifying commonality has been something I have been able to do with great effect over the past eighteen years.

Thank you, Mike for your endorsement. Your confidence in me as a candidate for City Council in Ward 1 means so much coming from a resident of the Ward and from a person who has always, and will always, put the residents of our community first.