Lakewood Residents to Decide September 10th Primary Election

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“Lakewood as a city has a great many assets -- the residents, the businesses, the lake, parks and schools to name a few,” said Rodriguez-Carbone, 36, who currently works as a Lifebanc community outreach coordinator. “Lakewood also has its challenges -- an aging population that have specific health and accessibility needs, as well as economic and environmental challenges that need to be addressed.”

“We need to seek out development strategies that fit with the city now and in the future, as well as move legislatively to address transportation accessibility and traffic issues. It’s not just a matter of identifying issues, but developing solutions and finding the resources to help fund or solve issues. For me, it will not be on-the-job training, but a matter of rolling up my sleeves and getting to work over the next four years to meet the needs of the residents in Ward 1, as well as the city.”

Laura Rodriguez-Carbone