Laura Rodriguez-Carbone Receives Endorsement from Lakewood Councilperson Tristan Rader

Thank you Councilperson Tristan Rader for your support!

Over the years I have known known Tristan, his drive, professionalism and focus on community has inspired me. His election to Lakewood City Council At-Large has helped move Lakewood forward.

The legislation Tristan has introduced, if moved out of committee and passed, will help create a more open government, give citizens easier, timely access to public records and much needed campaign finance and ethics reform - changes our community has asked for.

Thank you Councilperson Rader for your public service and for incorporating the viewpoints of residents into your policies. I look forward to working with you on Lakewood City Council to build a bright future for Lakewood reflective of the needs of our residents.

Laura Rodriguez-Carbone