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Open Communication and Accountable Government

Transparency is essential for public confidence in government. Good government is dependent upon good administration. I believe and stand for policies that ensure that the same values our city council operates by are the same values held by Lakewood residents. Transparency should allow our residents to fully understand and be included in the decision-making process, know how tax dollars are being spent and have the opportunity to hold council accountable. I support, and will work to pass ethics, campaign finance and public records legislation that have already been introduced.

Create New Lakewood Health Department

The healthcare landscape in Lakewood for our seniors, families and children has changed with the downsizing of our community hospital. As a public health professional working with communities all across northeast Ohio, it is readily apparent that public health intersects all aspects of public life. The key to our resilience in Lakewood hinges upon community health and development.

In Ward 1, senior citizens and the disabled comprise over 14% of our population; Over 1,400 households in Ward 1 have children under the age of 18 receiving SNAP benefits; 1,000 residents are estimated to be uninsured. Most of our housing stock in Lakewood is either nearing or past the 100 year mark and managing the presence of lead in homes is crucial to preventing lead poisoning for our youngest residents. 47% of Lakewood’s public school children qualify for free and reduced lunches. Public health is a public issue. We must ensure we are taking an active role in protecting the health and well-being of our residents. I will work with state legislators to bring back dollars to Lakewood to fund our Health Department and will work with the Ohio Department of Health and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to secure additional funding for senior and pediatric community services.


Bring Back the Lakewood Community Circulator

Residents all across Ward 1 have been sharing their concerns about making our roads safer for pedestrians, families, and drivers, as well as increasing mobility for seniors and I am listening. I will work with city council, local businesses, and charitable foundations to re-establish our Community Circulator. Bringing back the Circulator will re-establish a critical service for Ward 1, as well increase traffic safety for Lakewood.

Benefits of Community Circulator to Lakewood Include: Increased mobility for elderly residents; Providing alternative transportation options for families and Lakewood school students to access our parks, schools and community institutions; Reducing traffic congestion and the need for parking by eliminating sole dependence on personal vehicles and reducing our carbon footprint; and bolstering Lakewood’s economy by increasing foot traffic and revenues for local businesses.


Support and Protect Our Citizens and First Responders

The health and safety of our residents, children and our first responders are a priority for me. Our police, fire, EMS and dispatch face unimaginable challenges serving and protecting our citizens every day. They deserve all of our respect and our support. They also deserve support from our representatives on council. We need to make sure we allocate resources to provide full, affordable health care coverage that is inclusive of mental health support to treat PTSD during the line of duty, as well as expand our emergency dispatch department. I will never vote to regionalize our emergency dispatch. In an emergency, one minute lost to transferring calls is too long. We must commit to keeping our families safe.