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Planning for Lakewood’s Tomorrow, Today

In order to ensure a prosperous Lakewood for generations to come, we must lay a path to our future as a community in the decisions we make today. Careful development of our economy and housing that is rooted in preserving what’s great about Lakewood will help us meet our residents where they are, both today and tomorrow, and make certain that our legacy as a city and community will be strong and vibrant.


Keep Ward 1 Residents Informed and Included

A strong democracy is essential for our success as a ward and as a city. Residents are the backbone of what makes Lakewood a great place to live, work, and raise a family. Increasing neighborhood outreach and incorporating technological innovations will strengthen our city’s bond and ensure that residents are aware of city services, issues, and programs that affect them.


A Connected Lakewood is a Healthy Lakewood

Sharing information is an important part of how our local government interacts with residents. Updating our city’s website to make information clearer and more accessible will make it easier for residents to find and utilize vital information. Prioritizing and expanding constituent services will help improve the overall health of our community. A connected Lakewood community will be safer, more resilient, and actively involved and included in setting the course of our city’s future.


Support Senior Programs and Accessibility Improvements

Expanding resources for senior and disabled residents and incorporating the realities of aging into the current and future development and governance of our city will help make Lakewood more accessible, resilient, and allow residents to age in place. Supporting and developing programs and innovations that make Lakewood livable and connected at any age is important to the future of our community.